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Sorry, no Disneyland in Laos

Since the Vientiane Times last week proudly reported that a local property developer has started building a theme park called "Disney Laos" in a...
Thailand’s finest fruit of the loom (photoblog)

Whoever is into arts and crafts from Thailand knows that the country has a lot to offer in this space. Among them are the...
Thailand: The worst-case scenario is civil war

The continuing protests in Thailand which culminated on December 22 in a turnout of hundreds of thousands of people at various locations in Bangkok...
Thailand: Red Shirts threaten to ‘surround Bangkok’

With the political situation in Thailand having reached an impasse as both sides - the government and the street protesters - won't move from...
Thais abuse visa-free entry to Japan for illegal work

Originally, the newly introduced tourist visa waiver for Thai (and also Malaysian) citizens was meant as a measure to boost tourism to the East...
Thai rice industry under heavy pressure

The steadily appreciating baht, a farmer subsidy scheme that is distorting competition and a build-up of the biggest-ever stockpiles have put Thailand's formerly flourishing...