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Duterte clashes with Jeepney drivers, but “open for dialogue”

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte at first reacted angrily to the two-day strike of public transport workers across the country on October 16 and 17,...
Filipino jeepney drivers protest against phase-out plans for old vehicles

Hundreds of drivers of the Philippines' ubiquitous public transport vehicle, the jeepney, representatives from various private transport organisations and operators joined protests in Manila...
Iconic Philippine Jeepney becomes endangered species

Filipinos are increasingly worried  that a planned phase-out of older Jeepneys could disrupt public transport and bring excessive financial burdens for operators. As per the...
Philippines: One million electric vehicles by 2020

The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) said that a million electric vehicles could be riding on the streets of the country's urban...
US firms inks deal for electric jeepneys in Manila

US company Pangea Motors aiming to replace pollution-spewing urban mass transportation with zero-emission electric vehicles said it has secured a new deal in the...
Electric Van from Vancouver goes to the Philippines

Electric passenger vans built in Vancouver, will partly replace diesel jeepneys in Philippine capital of Manila, local media reported on August 13. The city's administration...

The Philippine capital of Manila has earned itself an unsavoury reputation as a hotbed of violence and criminality. For foreigners doing business or moving to this sprawl of a city, some ground-up knowledge can be your most invaluable asset.

The youngest district in the vast patchwork of cities that make Metro Manila says the most about the developmental progress of the Philippine capital region today. Justin Calderon shares his first impressions.