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Gold jewelry exports from Malaysia rise 13%

The value of gold jewellery exported from Malaysia in 2013 is likely to rise by about 13 per cent to hit $1.56 billion, compared...
Thailand’s gem market in sharp decline

Revenue of the gem market in Thailand is poised to plunge 7 to 10 per cent in 2013, the deepest decline in 10 years,...
Bolooka e-commerce bringing Philippine artisanal crafts to the world

Southeast Asia has a new e-commerce provider with a unique specialty. Philippines-based Bolooka focuses on providing a global online market for craftworks created by...
Myanmar’s jewellery industry starts shining

Myanmar has been striving for decades the expansion of its gems market. With increasing international demand, the local industry is moving ahead and held the first International Jewellery Expo in May 2013.
Thailand to invest in Mozambique

Thailand and the southeast African state of Mozambique are exploring joint investments in energy-related projects and the mineral sector, with Thailand to transfer energy...