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US to renew Myanmar sanctions, but make some “changes”

Despite a new democratically-elect government in office in Myanmar, the US plans to renew the bulk of its sanctions against the country upon expiry...
Malaysia: Anti-Najib protests escalate; Qatar, China interested in troubled fund 1MDB

Amidst a high-profile scandal about billions of ringgit allegedly siphoned off from state-owned investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib...
US takes steps to clear Myanmar company blacklist

The US has been telling Myanmar companies it once designated as cronies of Myanmar’s former military junta that now may be the time to...
Kerry in Vietnam: Focus on trade, security

US Secretary of State John Kerry, in his first visit to Vietnam in this role, will seek closer trade and security ties between the...
Vietnam presses ahead with nuclear power plans

Vietnam is pressing ahead with Southeast Asia's most ambitious civilian nuclear energy programme. Foreign companies and governments are competing to get a toehold in...
After Obama, Kerry cancels Philippines trip

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was supposed to make a visit to the Philippines on behalf of US President Barack Obama on...
US, Vietnam ink civil nuclear deal

The US and Vietnam are moving to boost cooperation in the energy sector by signing a deal on civilian nuclear power that will allow...
US shutdown helps China take APEC center stage

Taking advantage of the US government shutdown, China has taken center stage of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Indonesia and proposed a...
Obama also cancels Philippines visit

After the White House said that US President Barack Obama will cancel his trip to Malaysia, it added on October 2 that the president...