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Malaysia halts property developments exclusively for foreigners

The Malaysian government will no longer allow property developments and new townships solely aimed at foreign buyers in a bid to reduce “mindless foreign...
Iskandar Waterfront delays IPO to end-2014

Iskandar Waterfront, a Malaysian development company tasked with developing a Malaysian city to rival neighbouring Singapore, has postponed a $300 million stock listing on...
Singapore buyers strong in Iskandar

Singaporean buyers make up 74 per cent of non-Malaysians who have purchased properties in Iskandar Malaysia developed by UEM Sunrise. Most of these Singaporeans are...
Iskandar property prices surge on Singapore interest

Singapore real estate buyers, driven by rising prices in Singapore, are increasingly looking into property in Iskandar Malaysia, the main southern development corridor in...
Malaysia in tourism infight with Singapore, Thailand over crime

A storm of indignation broke out in Malaysia after newspaper comments in neighbouring countries started questioning the general safety for residents and tourists in...
Taiwan 4th largest investor in Malaysia

Taiwan ranked as the fourth-largest foreign investor in Malaysia as of the end of 2012, behind Japan, the US and Singapore, the country's Department...
KL-Singapore high-speed link to kick off

Singapore and Malaysia have officially agreed to build a high-speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by 2020 at a meeting between Singapore's...
Catalyst for success

Iskandar Investment Berhad creates opportunities for investors in the huge Iskandar Malaysia development in the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

Singapore companies are the largest foreign investors in Malaysia's Iskandar project, the main southern development corridor in Peninsular Malaysia. According to latest statistics provided by...