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Kachin State

Setback for Suu Kyi in Myanmar by-elections

Myanmar's ruling party led by the country's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi lost a constituency it previously held to the military-backed opposition party...
Myanmar farmers point at ‘positive effects’ of growing poppy – for them

In what can be seen as a quite one-sided approach, Myanmar's opium farmers in a joint statement said that they don't want to be...
Myanmar’s jade mining industry an illicit $31-billion business

A new report by UK-based non-governmental organisation Global Witness reveals that Myanmar's illicit jade trade is controlled by networks of military officials and their...
Myanmar earns $1.3 billion from jade exports

Myanmar has earned $1.3 billion from the export of jade stone over the last three years, according to the ministry of national planning and...
Price for Myanmar jade soars

Jade dealers in Hong Kong said their businesses are suffering from soaring prices for Myanmar raw jade and jade jewelry due to concerns over...
US renews ban on gems from Myanmar

The US on September 4 renewed a ban on the import of gems from Myanmar despite otherwise normalised relations with the formerly military-ruled country. US...
US extends ban on Myanmar gems

The US on August 7 renewed a ban on the import of gems from Myanmar, mainly rubies and jade, in a bid to choke...