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The Indonesian government has said that the country’s planned new capital was on track and that construction...
China to pump billions into Indonesia under New Silk Road initiative

Indonesia and China on April 13 in Beijing signed five cooperation contracts worth $23.3 billion under the latter's Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st...
Indonesia’s capital could be moved to new location – Borneo

The Indonesian government is studying the possibility of relocating is sinking and traffic-plagued capital to an alternative location to avoid a total infrastructural collapse...
Sea kidnappings at 10-year high, Southern Philippines new ‘hotspot’

The number of maritime kidnappings hit a ten-year high last year, with waters off the southern Philippines, particularly the Sulu Sea, becoming increasingly dangerous,...
Resources energise Kalimantan growth – but at what cost?

In Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo, the abundance of coal, oil and gas in the Indonesian state of Kalimantan has...
Sarawak, Brunei have their own haze problem

Overshadowed by the huge environmental disaster caused by Sumatra plantation fires over the past couple of days, the eastern part of Malaysia, as well...