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Klang Valley

Malaysia Cancels $20-billion Rail Project With Chinese Contractor

Malaysia’s economics minister on January 26 said that the government will cancel its $20-billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project with contractor China Communications...
Malaysia wants to export train technology

Malaysia aims to export its rail technology post-2027 when the country's total rail network milage is expected to reach 3,000 kilometers, Prime Minister Najib...
Malaysia’s ‘biggest lifestyle and entertainment hub’ to open soon

The biggest lifestyle and entertainment hub in Malaysia is currently being developed in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and it is expected to open...
Malaysia government to speed up KL-Singapore rail system

The Malaysian government is looking to expedite the planned high-speed rail system between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and plans to complete Phase 2A of...
Malaysia limits bulk sales of property to 4 units

The Malaysian government has implemented a measure to control bulk sales of property to try and curb the proliferation of “property clubs” that have...
Malaysia struggles to cut down on crime wave

With street violence and shooting incidents on the rise in Malaysia, police are trying hard to become the crime wave under control. A major crackdown...
Video: Highway robbery in bright daylight in Malaysiavideo

Malaysia, already struggling with a deteriorating image in terms of public safety, got another blow when a video of a highway robbery in bright...

With Malaysia’s 13th general election in all-out campaign mode, Inside Investor takes a look at the economic manifestos of the competing parties and how this could impact Malaysia's further development.

Kuala Lumpur's investment agency Invest KL has raised the target for global multinational companies to invest in Malaysia to 12 this year as compared...

Sarawak Information Systems, or SAINS, is overhauling the state's public finance processing. Inside Investor sat down with SAINS CEO Dato Teo Tien Hiong.

The Malaysian arm of Swiss food and beverage major Nestlé just celebrated 100 years of presence in the country. Its products have become household names in Malaysia. Inside Investor looked behind the curtains of this success.

Asian Pac Holdings is active in property investment and development of commercial and residential buildings, reaching out for the top five in the business.

Cyberview Sdn Bhd, developer of Cyberjaya, is searching for contractors to build its latest project, a proposed City Centre covering some 140 acres.