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Kuwait Finance House

Future of Tanjung Manis’ halal hub uncertain

Tanjung Manis, long a favourite hobby horse, has begun to run out of steam. The oft touted 77,000-hectare swathe of coastal land earmarked to turn...

The Gulf Cooperation Council countries will reach a combined trade surplus of up to $500 billion in 2012, a report by KFH-Research, a unit...

Islamic institutions around the world should move past sukuk and build a unified platform that promotes the essence of Islamic finance – trading, said the head of Kuwait Finance House (KFH) in Malaysia.

More than 450 key players and intellectual leaders in the international Islamic finance industry will be gathering in Singapore on June 5 and 6...

One of the world’s leading financial services companies is now speaking a global language while staying true to its Japanese roots and culture. Nomura...