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labour costs

The Philippines has been named one of the least attractive destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) in Asia-Pacific in a new ranking by Oxford...
Cambodia garment makers get nervous over Hun Sen’s policies

The Cambodian textile and garment sector, the main pillar of the impoverished country’s export industry, starts feeling the heat of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s...
Vietnam receives another multi-billion-dollar investment from Samsung

South Korean corporate giant Samsung will invest another $2.5 billion in Vietnam as it seeks to increase its TV display panel production in the...
Myanmar in transition: Minimum wage, credit rating, stock exchange

Ahead of its anxiously awaited general elections slated for November 8, Myanmar is taking big steps forward in closing up to the modern world...
ASEAN seen as future labour powerhouse, succeeding China

The structural change in the East Asian labour market and rising wages in China – which used to be the cheap manufacturing hub of...