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Lao Airlines

Lao government to regulate social media

The Lao government is drafting regulations to oversee social media and ensure Internet users use the sites "in a responsible manner", Ministry of Post...
Lao Airlines to increase number of aircraft

Lao Airlines, Laos' national carrier, is planning to buy 2 twin-engine turboprops ATR72-600 aircraft next year and 2 Airbus 320s in 2015 to cope...
Lao Airlines opens route to gambling haven Macao

Laos and Macao on June 25 signed an air services agreement that opens the commercial air transport market between the ASEAN country and the...
What’s on the plate for Laos’ bourse?

A booming economy with a GDP growth rate of 8 per cent in 2012 and heavy investment activity are seen as main drivers for...
Tourism arrivals in Laos surge 14%

Laos is one of the Southeast Asian countries strongly benefiting from the booming tourism industry in the region. Tourism officials in the landlocked country...

Laos has its first private airline. Lao Central Airlines, the country's first privatly owned commercial carrier owned by the local Phongsavanh banking group, has...