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Labour Day brings new minimum wage to Laos: $130 per month

All businesses and factories in Laos are required to increase the minimum wage from 900,000 kip (some $108) to 1.1 million kip ($133) a...
Laos launches plan to stem illegal logging after revenue drop

Authorities in Laos have launched a pilot programme to track the source of timber from sawmills and wood-processing plants after Lao Prime Minister Thongsing...
Laos: High inflation deters foreign investors

Rising inflation in Laos is undermining the country's attraction as a low-cost manufacturing base, a report said on March 20 , although investment figures...
Laos government vows to pay state employees

Laos'  ministry of finance has vowed that it will strive to make regular salary payments to state employees, starting from January 2014, the Vientiane...
Vientiane owes investors $30 million

Vientiane authorities said on October 25 that the Lao capital owes 237.22 billion kip (around $30 million) to investors who funded 118 projects, mainly...
Growth forecast for Laos set at 8%

The World Bank has forecast 8 per cent GDP growth for Laos in 2013, driven mainly by mining and hydropower projects, despite the country's...