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Lao Securities Exchange

Laos expects 7% GDP growth next year

The government in Laos expects economic growth of at least seven per cent in 2018, the same level expected for 2017, according to Vientiane...
Hydropower to boost listings on Lao stock exchange

Foreign investors keen to invest in up to planned 100 hydropower plants in Laos are the main target for newly listed shares on the...
Laos stock exchange to triple number of companies

The Lao Securities Exchange, which currently boasts just 2 listed companies, said on August 30 that it will start trading bonds and also triple...
The tale of the sleepiest ASEAN bourses

Discounting Myanmar, which has yet to create a stock exchange of its own, the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) and Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) are...
What’s on the plate for Laos’ bourse?

A booming economy with a GDP growth rate of 8 per cent in 2012 and heavy investment activity are seen as main drivers for...
Laos Bourse1

The stock exchanges of ASEAN countries are attracting increasing attention from foreign investors with capital markets in the 10 member-bloc showing a strong momentum...