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Malaysian state considers public caning

The chairman of the Committee on Islamic Development in Kelantan, a rural state in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia, voiced his support for beating...
Brunei’s new Shariah code enforced from April 22

Brunei will enforce the first phase of its newly introduced Shariah Penal Code Order, which the country's religious affair minister said will be able...
Global law firm opens office in Myanmar

US-headquartered Baker & McKenzie, the world’s second-largest law firm by revenue, opened an office in Myanmar to serve foreign investors entering an economy emerging...
Brunei’s Shariah law ‘incompatible with human rights’

Brunei’s move to introduce an Islamic penal code under Shariah law, which, among others, allows stoning to death or amputating of limbs for certain...
‘Hard to implement Shariah laws in Malaysia’

It is "almost" impossible to follow in Brunei's footsteps and introduce Shariah laws in Malaysia, even as crime rates spike in the country, anti-crime...

Sentences were handed down today in one of Dubai’s most compelling cases of business fraud in years.  Six executives with the Dubai Islamic Bank...