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Least developed countries

Snapshot from a business fair for small and micro enterprises in Vientiane, Laos in 2020 The economy of...
Cambodian bikes a big hit in Europe

Cambodia’s bicycle industry has maintained strong export growth to Europe last year, according to latest data released by the European Commission, making bike production...
Qatar to help Indonesia shelter Rohingya migrants

The wealthy Arab nation of Qatar on May 28 pledged $50 million to help Indonesia shelter Muslim Rohingya migrants from Myanmar, the official Qatar...
What’s next for Laos after joining the WTO?

Earlier this year Laos celebrated the first anniversary of its World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership. Laos’ accession to the WTO has been less talked...
Myanmar to face foreign investment competition from Cambodia, Laos

Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are the potential “hidden markets” of Southeast Asia for investment opportunities, a business study said, but they could end up...
Laos forges closer ties with East Timor

Laos and East Timor pledged to draft a number of bilateral and multilateral frameworks during a state visit of East Timor's Prime Minister Xanana...