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Manila Runs Dry As Water Utility Scrambles To Maintain Supply

Customers of Manila Water Company, Inc, a water utility which is part of Philippine business conglomerate Ayala Corp., are faced with more supply shortages...

The top 10 alternative fitness and health places in Makati It’s estimated that about one million people descend on Makati every day to work. This...
Singapore, Makati, Bangkok: Highest cost of living in Southeast Asia

The 2018 Cost of Living Index compiled by crowd-sourced global database Numbeo ranked Singapore, Makati and Bangkok as the three cities with the highest...
Century City: Living it up on a whole new level

Century City is the Philippine’s next-level hub for luxury living, attracting a young and mobile urbanite crowd that wants a stake in the country’s...
First Philippine startup valued at more than $1 billion

In what can be seen as a major milestone for the Philippine startup sector, an innovative Makati-based company creating prefabricated designer homes became the...
Austrian firm in talks to ease Manila traffic chaos with cable cars

Austrian cable car and ski lift manufacturer Doppelmayr, world market leader in these segments, is in talks with the new Duterte administration in the...
Manila’s tale of two cities: Where rich and poor coexist

When Marc walks out of his Makati neighborhood, a cramped warren of squat slum dwellings in West Rembo, the view he sees could not...
Mapúa: Science, research in the focus

Mapúa Institute of Technology, or simply Mapúa is a research-oriented Filipino tertiary institute located in Intramuros, Manila and in Makati. Investvine asked Dr Reynaldo...
Philippine central bank concerned about property bubble

The Philippine central bank is firming up steps to avert a property bubble, including requiring banks to undergo a stress test, Deputy Governor Nestor...
Philippine presidential election, 2016: Get to know the contenders

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay is calling for a “stronger national cybersecurity policy,” as cyber-attacks increasingly threaten the government, businesses, and individuals in the...
World’s first mermaid swimming school in Manila (video)video

Located at a private venue with a large swimming pool in Makati, Manila, Philippines, the world's first mermaid swimming academy proved extremely popular when...
Manila business district site of multiple homicide

A grizzly murder scene unfolded in the financial heart of the Philippine capital Manila on July 3, AFP has reported. According to local police, five...
Manila starved for urban renewal

Long-term urban renewal plans are desperately needed in Metro Manila, a metropolitan agglomeration of nearly 13 million, if the Philippine capital is to stave...
Phil polls live: Aquino’s reforms get tested

Some 52 million registered voters are expected to head to the polls today, May 13, to vote for over 18,000 positions in what is...
Surviving manic Manila

The Philippine capital of Manila has earned itself an unsavoury reputation as a hotbed of violence and criminality. For foreigners doing business or moving to this sprawl of a city, some ground-up knowledge can be your most invaluable asset.
Ayala stokes Philippines’ building boom

Philippines-based Ayala Land, the real estate arm of the Ayala Corporation conglomerate, has announced the opening of four new retail venues amid a greater...
Top US firms meet to analyse Philippines

Members of the US business elite representing the heads of major companies were briefed of the challenges and opportunities present in the Philippines’ mining,...
Fort Bonifacio: Manila’s alluring anomaly

The youngest district in the vast patchwork of cities that make Metro Manila says the most about the developmental progress of the Philippine capital region today. Justin Calderon shares his first impressions.