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Malaysian Airlines

Search for flight MH370 to be called off for good on May 29

The search for the plane of missing flight Malaysia Airlines MH370 will end on May 29, 2018, which means that the biggest mystery in...
Malaysian Airlines posts worst loss in 2 years over MH370 disaster

Malaysian Airlines on May 15 reported its biggest quarterly loss in over two years, hit by a sharp drop in passenger traffic after what...
Moderate growth for Malaysia’s aviation sector expected

Malaysia's aviation traffic growth will moderate to between 9 to 10 per cent in 2014, based on the fact that the industry will add...

Singapore Airlines, reporting weaker-than-expected full-year results on May 16, warned of a deteriorating environment as it struggles to cope with the rapid emergence of...

Inside Investor met the president and CEO Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda to learn more about the future challenges that lie ahead for the airline.

After announcing year to date losses of more than 25%, Malaysian Airlines will be considering privatization in an effort to restructure and return to...