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Singapore sets up cybersecurity academy

The Singapore government is launching a new training center focused on cyber threats under the Cyber Security Agency. It will be an academy to...
Cambodia under cyberattack, political background suspected

Cambodia's private and public computer networks have become targets of malicious code unique to the country which is activated through spam emails and phishing...
Thailand needs 800 more cyber security specialists

Thailand, which is currently promoting its Thailand 4.0 strategy that aims at transforming the country's economy into a information technology- and knowledge-driven one, is...
Vietnam hacker group accused of spying on companies, journalists

A hacker group in Vietnam called APT32 has allegedly carried out cyber espionage attacks against multinational companies in Vietnam, as well as against corporations...
Malware, piracy obstruct Vietnam’s digital economy

Vietnam's plans for establishing a digital economy faces headwinds. According to experts, most of the software used in the country is pirated, and computer...