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Myanmar invites investors for low-cost housing

In a bid to boost living standards for the large numbers of Myanmar people who struggle to find adequate housing, the construction ministry is...
New private airline takes off in Myanmar

A new private airline in Myanmar, called Mann Yatanarpon, airline will start flying to local destinations across the country on February 27, according to...
Price for Myanmar jade soars

Jade dealers in Hong Kong said their businesses are suffering from soaring prices for Myanmar raw jade and jade jewelry due to concerns over...
Booze shortfall worries Myanmar retail sector

The Myanmar government has intensified its crackdown on what it deems illegally imported alcohol, sparking further unrest among retailers, including the country's biggest supermarket...
Myanmar seeks foreign investment in healthcare

Myanmar is in dire need to improve its healthcare system and is now looking for more investment from abroad into the sector. While several...
Southeast Asia Games: Concerns over power, safety

Lacking confidence in Myanmar's power supply system, the country's Ministry of Sports has said it will use generators for the opening and closing ceremonies...
Myanmar pledges to shine as ASEAN chair

Myanmar has pledged to undertake well the leadership role of ASEAN in 2014 in gaining the momentum of ASEAN achievements, fulfilling the 2015 ASEAN...
Myanmar bombings linked to local business group

The recent series of bomb blasts in five cities of Myanmar have been linked by police to a business organisation of the ethnic Kayin...
Myanmar: 7,000 hotel rooms for Southeast Asia Games

A total of 86 hotels in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw will offer over 7,000 rooms for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, an official from...
Myanmar to borrow $2.3b from China

Myanmar is planning to borrow $2.3 billion from China to finance 22 infrastructure projects in sectors including telecommunication, electricity and construction, according to the...
Myanmar opens restricted sites for tourists

Myanmar now allows tourists to visit formerly restricted sites such as Mogok city in Mandalay Region and Mrauk Oo in Rakhine State, although special...
A new niche: Myanmar’s art market

Yangon-based consultancy Thura Swiss has shed light on an interesting aspect of new investment opportunities in Myanmar: The country's undervalued art market. In an analysis,...
Telenor to launch mobile network in Myanmar by 2014

Norway's Telenor Group, one of the two companies that won a mobile phone license in Myanmar, said in a release on July that it...
Bidding race for new Myanmar airport started

Myanmar's mega-project of a new airport - Hanthawadyd International Airport located 50 kilometers north of Yangon - is set to commence construction in September...
AirAsia Indonesia IPO to raise $200m

The bourse debut of AirAsia's Indonesian subsidiary, Indonesia AirAsia, slated for the fourth quarter of 2013, is expected to raise $200 million, the airline's...
Myanmar’s jewellery industry starts shining

Myanmar has been striving for decades the expansion of its gems market. With increasing international demand, the local industry is moving ahead and held the first International Jewellery Expo in May 2013.
Mandalay gets 20 new hotels

Twenty hotels providing over 1,400 rooms will be built in Mandalay, the top tourism destination in central Myanmar,  to meet growing demand for hotel...
Myanmar’s conflicts may deter investors

Continued religious and ethnic violence in Myanmar could deter much-needed investment by fostering a 'wait and see' attitude among foreign companies and entrepreneurs, according...