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How are internal conflicts contaminating Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country in a state of transition, with one foot through the door of political and economical liberalisation and the other stuck in civil unrest or various conflicts, Justin Calderon finds.
Cisco steps up Myanmar investment

US-based network giant Cisco has announced it is expanding its commitment to Myanmar by investing in a channel partner network and the appointment of...
Google chairman’s next stop: Myanmar

The untapped internet market of Myanmar is on the radar of Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who visits the country on March 22. Myanmar currently...
Myanmar airport construction to start

Myanmar is set to begin construction on the new Hanthawaddy International Airport in July 2013. The airport will be located in the central Bago...
China, Japan, India lead Myanmar lending

The Myanmar government has budgeted borrowing over $900 million in fiscal year 2013/2014 to fund infrastructure construction projects, including two dams, a telecom network,...
Thailand serves Myanmar solar

Thailand-based solar farm developer SPCG is planning to operate two small solar farms in Myanmar to help meet unmet demand for energy in communities...
The yuan continues marching south

Up until September 2012, border trade between Myanmar and China measured $2.4 billion, with 70 per cent coming across the Yunnan-Myanmar border. Trade with India is but a trickle in comparison. Justin Calderon found out why.
Myanmar cuts power for industrial zones

Suffering from sever power undersupply, Myanmar has been forced to start cutting power to the country's industrial zones by 7 hours per day effective...
Myanmar seeks to solve housing shortage

The Myanmar government is seeking bids for several housing projects with up to 120,000 apartments in Yangon. The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has...
SiamCement R

The  largest cement manufacturers of Thailand, Siam Cement Group (SCG), and Indonesia, PT Semen Gresik, have announced that they will set up cement plants...

The Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) has announced that they will be launching operations in Myanmar, making them the third major credit card company to...

A private group of financiers has proposed a new “satellite town” outside of Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city and the gateway to key trade...
India Myanmar Thailand Trilateral Super Highway

About $100 million of a $500-million loan granted by India has been earmarked for building and improving roads in the Myanmar part of the...

The tourism industry in Myanmar has been identified as a highly appealing sector for investment for Thai businesses. Experts say that the best growth prospects...

As calls for increased foreign and local investment are sounded by the re-emergent nation of Myanmar, more and more major regional players are signaling...