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Manila Bay

Five ASEAN countries among world’s biggest plastic polluters

Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia are named in a new Greenpeace report as being among the top ten countries globally for mismanaged...
Philippines’ top beach Boracay ‘highly endangered’

Japanese government agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) together with a group of Japanese and Filipino scientists is sounding the alarm of an "imminent...
Philippine billionaire to reclaim land in Manila Bay

Philippine billionaire Henry Sy plans to spend $1.26 billion to reclaim land in Manila Bay as large plots for development become scarce in the...
500,000 liter spilled diesel turn Manila Bay red

Half a million liters of diesel on August 9 leaked into Manila Bay, the busiest waterway in Northern Philippines, shutting down parts of the...
Estrada vows to make Manila ‘a better city’

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada, who has been declared mayor of Manila after May 13's mid-term election, said that all of his voters "have...
Joseph Estrada declared Manila mayor

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada has been declared mayor of Manila on May 14 in what was his first elected post since he was...
Upcoming Philippine elections a personal affair

In the May 13 midterm elections in the Philippines, involving congressional, local and provincial candidates, 12 of the top 20 senatorial candidates are part of political dynasties, Justin Calderon found out.
Infrastructure woes hinder Manila gaming

One of the big challenges for the growing gaming industry in Manila is airport infrastructure. Basic upgrades are necessary to adequately shuttle tourists to the enormous new gaming complexes opening in the city.
Manila challenges Macao with $1.2b casino

The opening of a new casino complex in Manila on March 16 comes as an attempt of the Philippines to emulate the success of...
Fort Bonifacio: Manila’s alluring anomaly

The youngest district in the vast patchwork of cities that make Metro Manila says the most about the developmental progress of the Philippine capital region today. Justin Calderon shares his first impressions.
Aseana City

The massive development of Aseana City, a flagship residential and office development on the outskirts of Manila is expected to attract $3 billion of...