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Indonesia pushes Central Java as Asian low-cost manufacturing hub

The sleepy province of Central Java, which has long been the heartland of a Javanese culture that frowned on aggressive profit-seeking, is trying to...
Malaysia’s carmakers to suffer from AEC competition

The protection granted to Malaysia's national carmakers Proton and Perodua will cause the country to lose out to neighbours when the ASEAN Economic Community...
Mitsubishi to invest $228m in the Philippines

Japanese car maker Mitsubishi Motors is planning an initial investment of $228 million in its Philippine operations to establish its third Southeast Asian manufacturing...
Honda postpones construction of new $530m plant in Thailand

Japan's Honda Motor Co. said it would delay construction of a $530 million car-assembly plant by at least six months in Thailand due to...
Philippine economy strongest since 1950s

The Philippines in the last quarter of 2013 capped its strongest two years of growth since the 1950s, when the country enjoyed a post-war...
Can the Philippines become an ASEAN manufacturing hub?

A recent Investvine article on the Philippines as a manufacturing base actually brought back vivid Dickensian memories. I knew from past discussions with key government...