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manufacturing operations

Microsoft moves Nokia manufacturing from China to Vietnam

Amid a large restructuring of its Nokia unit, Microsoft is also joining many technology companies moving manufacturing from China to Vietnam. Microsoft is also...
Myanmar to face foreign investment competition from Cambodia, Laos

Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are the potential “hidden markets” of Southeast Asia for investment opportunities, a business study said, but they could end up...
Ethics in Business: A take on business ethics in the US

Datuk Nicholas Zefferys, a prominent figure in Malaysia's business circles, provides his insights on how businesses are conducted and how he evaluates the general role of ethics in business in the US.
Mitsu Elec

Mitsubishi Electric Corp, a Japanese manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, has announced that it will be establishing a sales company in Indonesia under...

The Philippine government said it is aiming to boost foreign direct investment to $10 billion annually, with a focus on the Business Process Outsourcing...