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ASEAN’s growing population: Many new mouths to feed

ASEAN's overall population is exploding. Whether this is good or bad is dependent on the country. While large populations can be viewed as adding...
Singapore second quarter growth stronger than expected

Singapore’s economy expanded more than economists estimated in second quarter of 2012. The GDP in the period rose an annualised 15.2 per cent from...
Ten reasons the Philippines won’t shrug off its laggard label

It has been called the “new economic dragon,” a far cry from the hitherto ignominious reputation the country once commonly conjured up. Long one...
Ten reasons why Thailand may lose out in the ASEAN race

Thailand will have to address certain issues that affect investors' confidence in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment in ASEAN....
Why do Japanese businesses love the Philippines?

Electricity costs are unreasonably high. Infrastructure is apocalyptical. Severe weather seasons and the country’s archipelagic nature make successfully navigating supply chains a case study...
Semiconductor investment to spark Philippine jobs

The most glaring chink in the Philippines’ economic armour, high unemployment is now being more concertedly addressed with the funneling of investment into the...
Philippine Q2 growth seen at 8%

The Philippines' strong economic growth is set to continue in the second quarter 2013 after hitting a record high in the first three months...
The difficulty in reading China’s market

Contradictory data recently released on the Chinese market speaks volumes for how difficult accurate forecasts are in the world’s second largest economy. For many, it's like reading hieroglyphics.
Garment gore: Myanmar vulnerable to Bangladesh textile horrors

Using Bangladesh as a cautionary tale, Myanmar now faces the task of carefully wading through the newly found attention it’s receiving to avoid becoming the next garment industry bedlam.
ADB: Basics of growth in the Philippines

The Asian Development Bank's Philippine country director, Neeraj Jain, explains how governance reforms have improved the nation's economy.
Manufacturing key to more Philippine jobs

In order to rid the inglorious reputation of ASEAN’s most economically unequal economy, the Philippines will need to address infrastructure, policy and skills bottlenecks...
Vietnam, an underestimated investment destination

Of the Southeast Asian nations on the radar for Middle East investment, Vietnam so far has played an underestimated role. Despite some prevailing risks, the country has a rewarding investment profile.
Malaysia: Private investment tops $46b

Total private investments in Malaysia surged 24.8 per cent to a record $46 billion in 2012, according to the country's International Trade and Industry...
Filipino firms invited to invest in Peru

The Philippine Exporters Confederation (Philexport) has encouraged Filipino firms to explore the idea of investing in Peru, specifically in the South American country's core...
Singapore closely avoids recession

Singapore escaped a technical recession after the economy grew in the fourth quarter of 2012 by 1.8 per cent over the third quarter, the...
Siam Paragon

Southeast Asia's second-largest economy remained resilient to the economic wobbles in China, the US and the euro zone,  the Thai Chamber of Commerce reported...
Thein Sein1

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has approved 15 investments from foreign companies in the past two months, a time in which the long-awaited Myanmar...
Indonesia Shopping

Southeast Asia's biggest economy, Indonesia, grew by 6.17 per cent in the third quarter of 2012, the eighth quarter of growth above the 6...