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Final countdown for Philippine presidential election

A presidential election campaign in the Philippines accompanied by tough talk, embarrassing public statements, a massive data breach into voter databases, tricky decisions by...

As the elections approach in the Philippines and people are to choose a new head of state on May 9, Investvine is kicking off...
Duterte warms up for “bloody presidency” – if elected

In the first public debate organised among presidential candidates in the Philippines in 24 years, all five candidates on February 21 outlined their programmes...
Presidential election campaigns in the Philippines kick off – six candidates get ready

The countdown has started for the 2016 Philippine elections slated for May 9, with six candidates for the highest post in the state getting...
Duterte vows to halve crime rate – Poe still hopeful to run in Philippine polls

Philippine presidential election candidate Rodrigo Duterte and his running mate Alan Peter Cayetano said on Christmas Day that they would halve the crime rate...
Hardliner Duterte keeps leading Philippine elections polls

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, 70, mayor of Davao City, in a new survey was the top-rated contender in the 2016 elections for 38 per...
Duterte enters presidential race in Philippines, leads poll

Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of the southern Philippine metropolis of Davao City, will be another contender for the May 2016 elections weeks after the deadline...
Election season kicks off in the Philippines

The Philippines’ election season began on October 12 with seven months of campaigning ahead until election day scheduled for May 9, 2016. Candidates have...