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Marina Bay

Singapore remains on alert over Islamist attacks

The foiled plot by Indonesian terror suspects to launch a rocket from the island of Batam to Marina Bay in Singapore was only the...
Extremists planned to fire rocket on Singapore

Indonesia’s counter-terrorism police have arrested six suspected militants who were allegedly planning to launch a rocket attack on Singapore’s Marina Bay from nearby Batam...
Qatar buys Singapore tower in largest-ever deal in Asia-Pacific

Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority agreed to buy Asia Square Tower 1 in Singapore for $2.5 billion from US investment firm BlackRock Inc....
Singapore office rents poised to rise fastest in the world this year

A lack of office space could drive up rents at a faster pace in Singapore than anywhere else in the world this year, according...
Commercial property deals in Singapore crash 50%

Commercial and hotel property deals in Singapore slumped 50 per cent in the first half of 2013, totaling $3.7 billion as opposed to $7.4...
Singapore casino revenues slow down

Singapore’s move to legalise gambling in 2010 in its attempt to become an Asian tourist mecca did not pay off so far. Casino revenues...