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RedDoorz to open more than 100 budget hotels in the Philippines

Singapore-based startup RedDoorz, an online booking platform for budget hotels, on June 20 announced it would expand to the Philippines, its third country in...

Marketing is constantly evolving thanks to the real time web which means that the Chief Marketing Officer’s job will be changing at breakneck speed....
Thailand misses rice export target

Thailand has fallen significantly short of reaching its rice export target of 8 to 8.5 million tonnes in 2013, with just 6.4 million tonnes...
Advertising spending in Myanmar surges

The recent entry of many international brands has led to a boom in advertising expenditure in Myanmar, increasing five-fold to some $118 million in...
Thailand backtracks on luxury tax cut

On September 8, Thailand’s government said that it will scrap import duties on designer goods such as luxury watches, clothes, perfumes and cosmetics in...
“Minion” Happy Meal toy madness at McDonald’s Singapore.

Remember when Singapore lined up at McDonald's in order to own the omnipotent black Hello Kitty? Well, it’s happening again – but only this time,...
German ad-bidding platform comes to SE Asia

Berlin, Germany-based ad bidding platform Sociomantic has opened its first office in Southeast Asia in Singapore and will launch its regional arm on July...
Searching for soul in a brand

There are many facets to how a brand is built. Yet when you break down the many strong national brands globally, you can't but ask what were the bases to their creation, their formation and their endurance, writes Firoz Abdul Hamid.

Inside Investor’s role will be to expand awareness of the event among the global media as well as provide in-depth coverage of the two...

A recent report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that first-quarter online advertising earnings are the best on record, boasting $26 billion in online...