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Mass Rapid Transit

Traffic-choked Jakarta to launch MRT operations by next March

Indonesia's first mass rapid transit (MRT) rail system is on track to start operations in March next year, giving around 170,000 commuters a day...
Malaysia wants to export train technology

Malaysia aims to export its rail technology post-2027 when the country's total rail network milage is expected to reach 3,000 kilometers, Prime Minister Najib...
Singapore opens public bus system to private investors

Singapore will open its public-bus industry to more private operators and nationalise certain bus assets, in a push to overhaul a sector plagued by...
Jakarta breaks ground on MRT

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo on October 10 lead the ground-breaking ceremony for the city’s long-awaited mass rapid transit (MRT) system on Jalan Tanjung Karang...
Singapore bus driver sacked for nail trim (video)video

A bus driver employed by Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit authority, or SMRT, has been fired after being caught on a video trimming his fingernails...

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has postponed the construction of the first line of the city’s desperately needed MRT due to concerns over who will...