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Mass Arrivals Cause “headache” For Thai Tourism Minister

Thailand received a record of 38.3 million tourists in 2018, and 2019 numbers are expected to be even higher. According to tourism minister Weerasak Kowsurat,...
Malaysia hopes for substantial tourist arrival hike up to 2020

Malaysia’s tourism promotion agency Tourism Malaysia says it was possible that the country could receive 36 million tourists by 2020, a growth of 39...
Profit vs. environment: Top Southeast Asia beaches close for clean-up

Pollution, inadequate infrastructure and mass tourism are taking their toll on two of Southeast Asia’s most popular beach destinations, Boracay in the Philippines and...
Thailand now seriously struggling with masses of tourists

After years of booming tourism arrivals, Thailand counted a new record of a whopping 35 million visitors coming to the country this year, a...
Thailand set to struggle with expected tourist influx of 60 million by 2030

With this year's Global Summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council being held in Thailand's capital Bangkok on April 26 and 27, the...
Indonesia tourism push: Focus on Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Bintan

Indonesia will focus on Bali and islands near Singapore rather than developing more remote spots in the world’s largest archipelago, as it seeks to...