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Medical tourism

Thailand seeks to revive its ailing tourism industry by tapping into new potential in medical tourism, one...
Brunei To Push Tourism Arrivals With New Offers

Brunei is looking to capitalise on its natural attractions and institutions such as hospitals and international schools to promote medical, educational and eco-tourism, according...
Ever more tourists arriving in Thailand

Thailand's economy is relying more than ever on growing tourism influx to the country, mainly owing to a rapidly increasing number of Chinese tourists....
Malaysia expects one million medical tourists this year

Malaysia is set to welcome around one million health travelers in 2017, up from 860,000 last year, and generate respective revenue of $292 million, ...
Thailand’s tourism numbers at all-time high

Thailand welcomed more than 29.6 million foreign visitors in 2015, a new record despite the country's political woes, Thai Minister for Tourism and Sports...
Medical tourism to Asia-Pacific to cross $20bn-mark by 2019

With medical travelers mainly hailing from the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries, and a smaller portion from the US and Europe, health tourism...
Thailand seeks to boost tourism numbers after poor year 2014

Commonly referred to as “The Land of Smiles”, Thailand doesn’t have much too smile about last year’s tourism figures. For the first time since...
Malaysia’s Prince Court Medical Center wins major international award

A hospital in Kuala Lumpur has won a major international award for their medical tourism work, the operator announced on March 11. Prince Court...
Study: Malaysia has third-best healthcare system

A study by the American publication International Living rates Malaysia's healthcare system as the third best out of 24 countries in its 2014 Global...
Health tourism in Malaysia brings $186m

Malaysia recorded more than 20 per cent growth in health tourism over the past three years and generated around $186 million in revenue alone...
Excellency in medicine

Dr. Chong Su-Lin, CEO of Prince Court, shares her strategy
ASEAN’s largest medical fair set to open in Bangkok

Bangkok's centrally located Queen Sirikit National Convention Center will be the venue for Southeast Asia's largest healthcare exhibition, the bi-annual Medical Fair Thailand 2013,...
Vietnam, Cambodia to embark on medical tourism

Both Vietnam and Cambodia want to catch up in the fast-growing health tourism market in Southeast Asia and are seeking a share of the...
Thailand’s new tourism campaigns target niche groups (video)video

Thai tourism promotion bodies have launched several campaigns addressing niche groups of travelers to spend their holidays in the kingdom. The campaigns are targeting...
Shape up: Malaysia should eye India’s obesity surgery trend

Despite the fact that one in six Indians are classified as undernourished, bariatric surgery – also known as stomach shrinking – has begun to...

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said it expects the number of medical tourists visiting the country for healthcare services and medical treatment to...
Thailand fears healthcare competition

As the formation date of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) draws nearer to its 2015 deadline, Thailand will be forced to strengthen the competitiveness...
Looking East: Healthcare investments to consider

The global boom in medical tourism opens many avenues for Middle East investors in healthcare, pharmaceutical supply and related services. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is the next candidate.