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A Myanmar pharma company has produced the first domestically-manufactured Covid-19 medicine, but so far it is only...
Philippines seeks to adopt Cuba’s public healthcare system

Newly elected Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte seems to have developed a fancy for the healthcare system in Cuba and will send a medical fact-finding...
Thai pharma company partners with Cuban firm

In the first move of its kind, a Thai biopharmaceutical company on April 29 signed a technology transfer pact with Cuba's Center of Molecular...
Indonesia to launch world’s largest health insurance system

Indonesia is planning to launch the world’s largest single-payer health care insurance programme between now and 2019. Under the new system, the government is...
Concerns about quality of young doctors in Malaysia

Concerns have been raised about the quality of young doctors in Malaysia, with the country's biggest doctors' association raising the red flag on foreign...
Concerns about quality of young doctors in Malaysiavideo

Follow the panel of KPJ Healthcare's medical convention

In what could have a tremendous cost-saving effect especially for hospitals in emerging countries, medics are now experimenting with new ways of healing broken...
Datin Paduka KPJ

There are many ethical questions that surround the medical industry. Firoz Abdul Hamid talked to KPJ's Datin Paduka about her views on ethics in medical practice.

Malaysia is the fattest country in ASEAN with its obesity rate on the rise, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said recently. According to...