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Mekong River

On the Thai-Lao trade track

The easternmost border crossing in Thailand, and at the same time the only point where people can enter Laos by land without having to...
Tough choices ahead for Laos tourism

Laos, a virtual hermit nation until 1986 when it opened its doors to tourism, is now finding it very difficult to control the reigns of...
Marubeni to seal power deal in Cambodia

Japan's Marubeni Corp. said on June 2 that it would acquire a 20 per cent stake in a Cambodia-based electricity generation and transmission business...
Focus on Greater Mekong Subregion tourism

The tourism potential of the Greater Mekong Subregion, comprising of the regions of six states or provinces that are covering the Mekong River basin,...
Myanmar-Laos friendship bridge to open in 2015

A new bridge connecting the border regions of Tarchilaik Township in Shan State and Lwenintha Province of Laos across the Mekong river is due...
ADB funds tourism in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $100 million aid package to support the development of tourism infrastructure in the three Mekong River...
Lao Airlines plane drops into Mekong, 49 killed

A Lao Airlines plane, an ATR twin-turbo flight QV301, carrying 49 people from the capital Vientiane to the southern town of Pakse crashed killing...
An overlooked opportunity: Laos

After the World Bank recently released its bi-annual East Asia and Pacific Update on economies in the region, there was much talk about the...
Dogs off the menu in Southeast Asia

Westerners cringe at the thought of eating a man’s best friend, a taboo cuisine that has been dined upon throughout parts of Asia. An...
Tourism in Laos: Touring the Bokeo Wilds

The remote Bokeo Province of Laos might soon become a familiar destination for international adventure seekers, thanks to a new bridge being built across...
Ecotourism in Laos: A thriving industry

The small landlocked ASEAN nation of Laos is increasingly becoming popular with travellers. International arrivals in Laos soared 22 per cent in 2012, hitting...
Laos places pioneer bond in Thailand

The small landlocked Southeast Asian nation of Laos is looking to fuel expansion by tapping Thailand’s capital markets for the first time by issuing...
Laos dams gain World Bank support

The Laos government can depend on the World Bank to back the country's ambitious hydropower development plans now that that the multilateral institution has...
Laos expects $5b loan for rail project

A $5 billion dollar loan, worth more than half of Laos’ total GDP, for construction of a rail link across southern Laos between Thailand and...
Vientiane property prices jump up to 50%

Laos' capital Vientiane saw real estate prices soar in 2012 by 15 per cent in the city center and up to 50 per cent...
Writing in Thailand: The perfect confluence

A writer in Thailand must learn to adapt to uncertainties, the unspoken unknowns while striking the creative balance that musters the wherewithal to continue dancing between the fire and ice, writes Justin Calderon.

Laos is on the way to become Southeast Asia model nation for the use of hydropower as a primary source of electricity, though the...
Jiabao Yingluck

Thailand is seeking closer economic ties to the world's second largest economy, China, it turned out during a two-day visit of Chinese Premier Wen...