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Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Vietnam firms invest $2.65b overseas

Vietnamese companies are increasingly investing overseas, especially in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Russia, with their investment reaching $2.65 billion in the first quarter of...
Brunei: Much catching up to do in Islamic banking

Brunei has still to fully develop its Islamic finance sector. There are great opportunities for foreign Islamic banking institutions to forge ties with the Brunei government and its banking institutions in pushing the business.
Thailand, Laos mull high-speed train link

Thailand will go ahead with a cross-border project on the development of a new high speed train system linking with that of neighbouring Laos,...
Vietnam leads investment in Laos

Vietnam has been recognised as the top source of foreign direct investment to the small landlocked nation of Laos, with mining being the most...
Vietnam Border

Three countries of the Mekong region, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, will intensify their trilateral cooperation in trade, investment and tourism as economic activity between...