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Metro Manila

Philippines clears streets of the poor ahead of APEC summit

The Philippine government is clearing Manila's streets of hundreds of homeless Manila residents, including more than 140 street children ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic...
Potent Philippine BPO industry aims to lure back overseas workers

Investvine sat down with President and CEO of the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) Jomari Mercado to receive an update...
“Philippine construction industry needs to catch up”: Robinsons Land Corp.

Investvine talked to Frederick D. Go, President and COO of Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), one of the Philippines’ largest real estate developers and operator...
Philippines starts bidding round for largest PPP project ever

A total of 8 foreign and local companies have expressed interest in the $2.8 billion Laguna Lakeshore expressway dike project that will connect Taguig in...
San Miguel Corp wants to build $10b Manila airport

San Miguel Corp, the Philippines' largest business conglomerate, is planning to present a proposal to the government soon to build a $10 billion airport...
Philippines plans to upgrade 12 airports

The Philippine government plans to upgrade 12 airports, including Manila's dilapidated main international airport, as it seeks to attract 10 million foreign tourists by...
Filipinos make fun of devastating floods

The floods that have been inundating Metro Manila and parts of Luzon island over the past days were tragic for many, but some Filipinos...
Half of Manila under water, airport shut down

A second day of heavy rain in Manila and the island of Luzon caused the floods in the Philippine capital to worsen. Half of...

British luxury carmaker Bentley has entered into the Philippines and opened its first showroom in Greenhills, a shopping mall in Metro Manila. Being the company’s...

Long-term urban renewal plans are desperately needed in Metro Manila, a metropolitan agglomeration of nearly 13 million, if the Philippine capital is to stave...

With no previous investment cycle to speak of, the Philippines’ first boom is being portended by increased interest in the country’s public-private-partnership (PPP) programme,...

While the Philippine stock index was hitting its next all-time high, Justin Calderon, our research analyst, went to Pampanga to see the reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus, including penitents that flagellate themselves.

Melco Crown Philippines, a subsidiary of Macau-based Melco gaming group, plans to raise up to $400 million from a equity offering at the Philippine...

One of the big challenges for the growing gaming industry in Manila is airport infrastructure. Basic upgrades are necessary to adequately shuttle tourists to the enormous new gaming complexes opening in the city.

The Sultan of Sulu’s aim to take ownership of Malaysia’s eastern state of Sabah has placed Malaysian military on high alert, but the Sulu rebels from the Philippines are not the only destablilising force in the region.

The youngest district in the vast patchwork of cities that make Metro Manila says the most about the developmental progress of the Philippine capital region today. Justin Calderon shares his first impressions.

The Philippines and Indonesia at times seem to be tethered to the same wagon. Both countries sit just above or below investment-worthy credit ratings and are forecast to maintain a GDP growth rate of at least 5 per cent annually during the following decade.

The Philippines is in the midst of a property boom that is shifting Manila’s skyline upwards and redefining its status in the world as...