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A new app debuted on August 15 that can turn any surface into a touchscreen. Developed by Ubi Interactive, the app combines with Microsoft’s Kinect...

In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, Microsoft founder Bill Gates showed a flair for competitive altruism, repeatedly knocking Google’s Project Loon in favor...
Nokia unveils 41-megapixel camera phone

Nokia has just released the best camera phone on the market. The Lumia 1020 smartphone went on sale last week and features a 41...
Introducing Google Chromecast

On Wednesday, July 24, Google unveiled what could be the next big thing in the home television industry. Google Chromecast is a tiny $35...
Singapore breaking new ground in motion-controlled computing

A Singapore-based tech startup called Intellect Motion has developed the next generation of motion-controlled software. This software is controlled by a wearable wireless motion...
Ten radical tips to protect data privacy

After Forbes Magazine presented a list of "10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Privacy" that has been much sneered...
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar: No need for copyrights

Three ASEAN countries for the coming 8 years will not have to bother about intellectual property rights. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on June...
Now hiring: Data scientists

“Data scientists”, a new species of IT employees, are in high demand. Data scientists are an evolution from the business or data analyst role - and bring in much sought-after business acumen to articulate findings to a business audience.
Microsoft the next entering Myanmar

US software giant Microsoft is the next multinational company entering Myanmar after appointing its first local partner, Yangon-based Myanmar Information Technology. The company has been...
Myanmar-US: Trade agreement signed

Myanmar President Thein Sein has ended his  landmark visit to Washington D.C. on May 21 by securing a trade agreement with the Obama administration...
Google chairman’s next stop: Myanmar

The untapped internet market of Myanmar is on the radar of Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who visits the country on March 22. Myanmar currently...
Foxconn postpones Indonesia investment

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Ltd, or Foxconn, has delayed its huge investment in Indonesia, according to the country's industry minister MS...
Super Wifi

The already highly digitalised city-state of Singapore just got more connected. Software giant Microsoft, StarHub, Singapore's second largest mobile operator, the Institute for Infocomm...
Dentsu 505 071312093156

The takeover of UK-based marketing agency Aegis by Japan's advertising giant Dentsu for $5 billion is creating Asia's largest advertising conglomerate. The deal will...
Counterfeit Ipad

Intellectual property laws are still weak throughout Southeast Asia, despite some countries stepping up measures for better protection of trademarks and patents. However, counterfeit goods seem to remain an ever-thriving industry.

Once one of the most recognizable names in the telecommunications industry, Nokia has been forced to lay off an additional 7,000 international workers in...