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Military coup

Thailand Finally To Hold Elections On March 24

Thailand will hold a general election on March 24, 2019 for the first time since the latest military coup in May 2014. The date...
Thailand: Countdown to 2019 election begins

Thailand's military government on September 12 enacted two new laws that set in motion a countdown leading to elections to be held between February...
Cambodia’s authoritarian leader will end like Mugabe, says opponent

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen will end his political life like Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, exiled former opposition chief Sam Rainsy told...
Duterte win could trigger coup in the Philippines

Philippine presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte could possibly be faced with a coup d'etat in case he wins the May 9 election, opponents have warned....
Thailand’s foreign trade facing severe troubles

Thai exports dropped more than forecast in May 2015 and imports had their biggest tumble in nearly six years, emphasising how the country's traditional...