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Laos to buy fighter jets, tanks from Russia

Laos ordered an unknown number of fighter jets and up to 30 army tanks from Russia, with sources in Laos saying the purchase will...
Vietnam orders military hardware from Russia for $1 billion

Vietnam has placed orders for Russian weapons and military services worth more than $1 billion, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported, according to Reuters.  “We...
Malaysia a hub for North Korean military equipment trade, says UN

North Korea is evading its arms trade embargo with a sophisticated network of overseas companies, enabled partly by its continued access to the international...
Duterte says farewell to US troops in the Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on September 28 that the early October joint military exercise between the Philippines and the US would be the...
India to borrow Vietnam $100m for military equipment

India has offered a $ 100-million credit line to Vietnam to purchase military equipment, The Hindu newspaper reported on July 28. Vietnam will use...

The German government has approved the sale of 104 used Leopard 2 combat tanks, 10 other armed vehicles, including recovery tanks and bridge layers,...