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Mindanao Development Authority

Mindanao attracts Mideast investors for port development and boosts halal industry

The Philippine’s southernmost region of Mindanao, a predominantly Muslim island group with about 25 million people which last year signed a peace treaty with...
ASEAN’s southern grouping gets active

An effective force in ASEAN has recently been making headlines. As opposed to the their counterpart in the Mekong region (a union defined by...
ASEAN Muslim grouping highly lists food security

The ASEAN grouping representing the southern swathe of Southeast Asian Muslims has made a joint push for hybrid rice farming to up production, it...
Mindanao fights rising fossil fuels with green scheme

Efforts to alleviate the precarious electricity supply situation on Mindanao have spurred the development of several fossil fuel-based plants, with the Philippine government targeting...
Mindanao ends power grid deficit

The rehabilitation and resumption of operations by power plants on Mindanao have brought respite to the island, where an electricity crisis perennially plagues its...

Despite still unresolved conflicts between military groups and authorities in some parts on Mindanao, the Philippines' southernmost province keeps building up its economy. The latest...
Unearthed gem: Mindanao, Philippines

Romeo Montenegro of the Mindanao Development Authority spoke with Inside Investor about the huge potential the Philippines' southern region has.
Philippines’ south ponders halal water

The Philippines’ southern island of Mindanao is looking to attract foreign investors into the early stages of its halal industry, naming the potential of...
Mindanao to face higher power prices

Mindanao has warmed up to the reality of having to pay market prices for energy in order to solve the rolling brownouts that plague...
Pacified Mindanao new investors’ darling

The peace framework agreement signed between Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and the break away Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been successful at...
Mindanao takes center stage for investors

The news that Mindanao would be receiving investments from Malaysia amounting to $575 million was the most viewed story on Investvine over the past three days. Justin Calderon found out why.
Malaysia to invest $575m in Mindanao

Malaysian investors have committed to 23 billion pesos, or $575 million, of  investments in industry and agriculture on the Philippines' southern island of Mindanao,...