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The sudden seizure of power by the military in Myanmar in early February has ended a ten-year...
Japan Keen On Investing In Hybrid Car Industry In Thailand

Japanese companies are interested in investing more in hybrid car manufacturing in Thailand, the National News Bureau...
Proton shortlists five potential foreign partners

Malaysian carmaker Proton, which is on the search for a potent foreign partner to revive its ailing business, this week shortlisted five potential foreign...
Malaysia to pump more than $300 million into car maker Proton

Malaysia's homegrown and notoriously loss-making car brand Proton is getting financial assistance of up to 1.25 billion ringgit ($306 million) from the government as...
Indonesian clothing company in expansion drive

Publicly listed Indonesian garment manufacturer Pan Brothers has prepared $70 million for a massive three-year expansion to help the company tap the potential of...
Indonesia pushes Central Java as Asian low-cost manufacturing hub

The sleepy province of Central Java, which has long been the heartland of a Javanese culture that frowned on aggressive profit-seeking, is trying to...
Mitsubishi to build first electronics plant in Laos

Japanese electronics maker Mitsubishi will invest $8 million in its first production plant in Laos, reports said on April 9. MMC Electronics Laos Co signed...
Thai, Japanese firms to build car plants in Myanmar

Car companies from Japan and Thailand are now planning to build car and spare part factories in Myanmar, according to the Union of Myanmar...
Nissan to build car factory in Myanmar

Japanese auto maker Nissan will invest more than $ 200 million for an auto factory construction project to be built on 100 acres of...
Japan to lend Indonesia $1.46b for infrastructure

Japan will provide Indonesia with a total of $1.46 billion in loans for the country to boost development of vital infrastructure in the coming...
Mitsubishi next to enter Myanmar

Mitsubishi is the next car maker to enter the Myanmar market through local partners, saying on October 7 that it will start selling its...
Top 5 transactions leading ASEAN’s M&A trend

The World Bank has long underscored the economic importance of Southeast Asia, a top global growth engine, because of its burgeoning middle classes and...
Philippines emerging onto favourable manufacturing track

The sadly immature Philippine manufacturing sector is beginning to show its capable of more than just baby steps. The jobs-starved nation has captured the...
MG brand to get second life in Malaysia

The former British sports car brand MG is set for a revival in Malaysia through a joint venture between Malaysia-based Federal Auto Holdings Bhd...
Photoblog: 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show

Thailand is the center of the Southeast Asian car industry and the fifth biggest vehicle producer in Asia. A fact that makes the Bangkok International Motor Show a big draw for the entire industry - and also for Inside Investor.
Board Of Investment Thailand

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) is the main facilitator of investment projects in the country. The state-run agency has seen a double-digit percentage growth...