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Myanmar kyat plunges to new lows

The general strength of the US dollar and poorly managed currency control by the Myanmar central bank has led to another plunge of the...
Why property prices in Myanmar are really skyrocketing

Property prices in Myanmar and especially in the business capital of Yangon have been surging over the past months to the effect that square...
Myanmar’s black market still actively trading

This past week, Myanmar’s unofficial currency market began trading the US dollar for over 1,000 kyat, the first time the currency broke that mark...
Myanmar kyat in free fall

Myanmar's currency, the kyat , has been hitting consecutive record lows over the past weeks, raising concerns about the stability of the country's fiscal...
Myanmar kyat weakening steadily

Myanmar's currency, the kyat, has been weakening steadily against the US dollar since the formerly tightly controlled exchange rate has been floated in April...
3G SIM prices drop in Myanmar

Myanmar has confirmed that heart-wrenchingly expensive 3G SIM cards will be reduced to a mere couple of thousand kyats, marking an approximate 10-fold drop...
Myanmar phases out dollar surrogate

Myanmar abolished its secondary currency, the Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC), on March 20, 2013 as per an official announcement by the Finance Ministry. FEC were...
Myanmar allows private money changers

The Central Bank of Myanmar has allowed three private companies to open foreign exchange counters in the country in addition to those run by private banks in a move to boost inflow of foreign currency.
Myanmar clears 60% of foreign debt

Myanmar on January 28 announced a deal with international lenders to cancel or refinance nearly $6 billion of its debt, almost 60 per cent...