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mobile banking

The Philippines is moving fast forward into the digital banking age with the fifth license granted to a neobank by the central bank Bangko...
Japanese enter e-cash and online lending market in Indonesia

Indonesia, a country where millions of people don’t have bank accounts and therefore cannot pay with other means than cash, is stepping up its...
Vietnam startup gets funding from StanChart, Goldman Sachs

MoMo, Vietnam's first and only mobile wallet service, raised $25 million from Standard Chartered Private Equity and $3 million from Goldman Sachs, VnExpress reported....
Mobile money a big hit in emerging Southeast Asia

Giving millions of “unbanked” people the opportunity to undertake money deals by simply using their mobile phones has turned out to be a highly...
Qatar brings innovation to ASEAN

Good news emerged recently with regards to Qatar’s business involvement in Southeast Asia. Not only that the country’s telecom group Ooredoo announced that it...
Mobile services for the ‘unbanked’

A chat with Miguel Perez, CEO of Filipino start-up Ayannah

Myanmar is speeding up modernisation of its banking system. The nation, which did not have any ATMs in use just a few years ago,...