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Google launches free public high-speed WiFi in Thailand

Google’s Thailand unit on July 18 announced a number of initiatives in the country, among them free high-speed public Wi-Fi, in an effort to...
Philippines’ mobile Internet connectivity among slowest worldwide

The Philippines ranks fourth-last in a global ranking of mobile Internet speed (LET standard) in 77 countries undertaken by OpenSignal, a London-based mobile network...
Number of mobile data users reaches 3 million in Myanmar

The number of mobile data users in Myanmar has increased steadily since 2011 and is approaching 3 million this year, according to the Myanmar...
How Softbank Vision Fund Could Have Created Real Economic Value

The recent acquisition of WhatsApp at $19 billion has got valuations of digital companies into the conversation topics of most corporate folks. Most recently,...
US firms inks deal for electric jeepneys in Manila

US company Pangea Motors aiming to replace pollution-spewing urban mass transportation with zero-emission electric vehicles said it has secured a new deal in the...