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Aussies to shake up “lousy” Philippine mobile phone service

Australian telecom company Telstra will invest $1 billion into a joint venture with Philippines conglomerate San Miguel Corp as the firm looks to new areas...
First Ooredoo SIM cards go on sale in Myanmar

Shops in Myanmar's second largest city Mandalay have begun selling a limited number of Ooredoo SIM cards, as the Qatari company remains tight-lipped about...
Ooredoo Myanmar starts trial run in mobile network

Ooredoo Myanmar is preparing to launch its mobile-phone services in the third week of August and has started testing its mobile network, company sources...
The long wait for Ooredoo in Myanmar

Qatar’s Ooredoo and Norway’s Telenor, the two companies that won the bid for Myanmar’s much-anticipated foreign-offered mobile telecommunications services, haven’t yet been issued their...
Phone providers in Myanmar reveal price plans

Myanmar, formerly a country with exorbitantly high prices for SIM cards and mobile phone calls, will see fees drastically dropping when Telenor and Ooredoo,...

Mozambique is seeking investment from Vietnam and is ready to support them with a range of incentives, Gamilied Munguambe, Mozambican ambassador to Vietnam, said...