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No more talking... Thais have spent 58.8 billion hours using smartphones in 2020, which means that any of...
Lg Moves Phone Production To Vietnam, Shuts Down South Korea Factory

South Korean electronics maker LG Electronics said on April 25 it would move its smartphone production from South...
Smartphone-crazy Thailand’s growing problem with online junkies

Thailand is one of the most smartphone-crazy countries in Asia, if not in the world, with statistics saying that Thais are spending an average...
Myanmar named fourth-fastest growing mobile phone market

Myanmar, a country served by Qatar’s telecom giant Ooredoo, is the fourth-fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, contributing around 6 per cent...
Mobile money a big hit in emerging Southeast Asia

Giving millions of “unbanked” people the opportunity to undertake money deals by simply using their mobile phones has turned out to be a highly...
Indonesia falls behind in mobile banking

Mobile phone banking has already transformed the provision of financial services in emerging markets such as Kenya, Mexico and even remote and poverty-stricken Papua...
Investors in Myanmar scared off by Buddhist nationalists

Myanmar's rising Buddhist nationalism is taking an economic turn. Qatar's Ooredoo, which is scheduled to launch its mobile-phone service in Myanmar this July, has...
Mobile phones become Vietnam’s top export

Mobile phones and their spare parts have become Vietnam’s top export items in 2013, with shipments exceeding $21.5 billion, news website VnExpress reported.The exports,...
Chunghwa Telecom eyes Myanmar’s 3G market

Taiwan's largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), together with leading smartphone maker HTC will cooperate with overseas firms to invest in the largest telecom...
Filipino appetite for mobile computing growing

According to a recent telecom industry market research study, Filipinos are increasingly hooked on mobile technology. The report, by TNS Philippines, found that most...
Telenor seen as frontrunner for Myanmar license

When Myanmar grants two mobile phone licenses tomorrow, June 27, observers expect that Norway's telecom giant Telenor will be one of the winners. Telenor is...
Thais prefer internet over telly, study says

Google Thailand found out in a study that Thais spend more time on the internet than watching TV. They are spending around 16 hours...
3G SIM prices drop in Myanmar

Myanmar has confirmed that heart-wrenchingly expensive 3G SIM cards will be reduced to a mere couple of thousand kyats, marking an approximate 10-fold drop...
North Korea’s Top 10 consumer items

What are the hottest consumer items in North Korea? The annual list is out, and contains surprising stuff desired by the population of the impoverished country, revealing the changes going on in the pariah state.
Samsung mulls Indonesia phone factory

Samsung Electronics, together with Apple the world's top smartphone producer, is thinking about setting up a factory in Indonesia to produce mobile phones and...
Myanmar telecom bidding war heats up

The Myanmar telecom bidding war has entered its final moments with industry giants from Ireland, Malaysia, India, Norway and Singapore among the competitors scrambling...