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Viettel has plans to expand to North Korea, Cuba

Viettel Group, Vietnam's largest mobile network operator wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defense, has plans to expand to socialist sister countries...
China Telecom readies to become Philippines’ third telecom player

China Telecom, one of the largest telecom operators in China, has been proposed by the government in Beijing to enter the Philippine market as...
Aussies to shake up “lousy” Philippine mobile phone service

Australian telecom company Telstra will invest $1 billion into a joint venture with Philippines conglomerate San Miguel Corp as the firm looks to new areas...
Ooredoo to launch Myanmar service in third quarter

Ooredoo, the Qatari telecommunications operator formerly known as Qtel, will launch 3G mobile services in Myanmar in the third quarter of 2014 after it...
Philippines allows phone use on planes

The Philippines' civil aviation authority said on December 31 it would allow passengers to use mobile phones and laptops to make calls and access...
Philippines: PLDT reveals the new Telpad

As people worldwide continue to adopt mobile telephony in droves and abandon landline services, landline companies are facing a choice: adapt or go extinct. The...