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Monetary policy

A surprise announcement by Cambodia’s central bank on May 29 that it plans to phase out the...
Auto Draft

Malaysia will impose a cash transaction limit of 25,000 ringgit ($6,062) from the beginning of next year...
Philippine president seeks advice as country faces mounting economic troubles

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who previously had confessed his inadequacy on economic issues, is seeking help from people more fit in the subject. The...
Trump’s trade war antics start worrying Thailand

Moves of the US administration to impose new tariffs and duties on a variety of imported products leaves Thailand worrying about its potential to...
Yuan set to end US dollar dominance in Cambodia

The National Bank of Cambodia and the People’s Bank of China announced that they – for the first time – have introduced an official...
Philippine peso region’s worst performing currency, more downside seen

The Philippine peso on August 14 sailed through the 51:1 barrier against the US dollar, a value not seen since August 2006, bringing about...
Cambodia to get third “official” currency: The yuan

The US dollar as Cambodia's anchor currency could soon become competition from the "redback" in case a new initiative by the country's tourism ministry...

According to a recently released report by the United Nations on the world economic situation and its prospects in 2015, the world economy continues...
Thailand’s inflation hits 14-month high

Thailand's consumer-price index continued an upward trend in May to reach its highest level in 14 months. Inflation rose 2.62 per cent in May,...
Philippines wins another rating upgrade from S&P

Rating agency Standard and Poor's (S&P) has again upgraded the Philippines' credit rating to two notches above junk status, as the debt watcher expects...
Singapore maintains tight monetary policy

Singapore's central bank stuck to its tight monetary policy stance on April 14 despite weaker growth in the first quarter, saying core inflation will...

Hong Kong's property prices are expected to drop, reports China's state newswire Xinhua, saying that prices have been affected by the US Federal Reserve's...
Malaysia’s central bank retains interest rate at 3%

Malaysia's central bank on November 7 decided to retain its policy interest rate in order to support economic growth and contain inflation pressures. The...
Growth forecast for Laos set at 8%

The World Bank has forecast 8 per cent GDP growth for Laos in 2013, driven mainly by mining and hydropower projects, despite the country's...
Indonesia struggles with inflation

Indonesia's central bank raised its benchmark interest rate double than economists forecast by 50 basis points to 6.5 per cent, the bank announced in...
Singapore Dollars

Despite Singapore being one of the few AAA-rated Asian countries, its strong reliance on trade and exports means that the economic performance of its larger US and European counterparts cannot be ignored.

The latest data from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam indicates that inflation in Vietnam accelerated to 2.2 per cent in September over August 2012, the fastest pace that had been seen in 16 months in the country.