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Money Authority of Singapore

Singapore developers oppose property cooling measures by government

Property developers in Singapore are protesting against new property market cooling measures imposed last week which let the stock market tumble. The city state’s renewed...
Singapore’s central bank chief thinks of fintech as “another hype”

Singapore's central bank chief Ravi Menon warned against the wave of technology that's is currently disrupting the financial services industry, calling such "another hype"...
Singapore’s GDP growth gains traction

Singapore’s economy posted faster growth in the second quarter of 2017 than previously estimated by the government as a recovery in global trade helped...
Singapore economy remains in the doldrums amid weak trade outlook

GDP growth outlook for Singapore's export-dependent economy remains subdue owing to weak trade forecasts amid sluggish global demand., the city state's central bank said...
Singapore sets up anti-money laundering watchdog

The Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) said it will launch a special anti-money laundering department to prevent involvement of Singapore-based banks in major scandals...
Singapore freezes 1MDB-related bank accounts

Shortly after Swiss authorities said they have reason to believe that $4 billion in funds related to Malaysia's state-owned investment company 1Malaysia Development Berhad,...
Singapore economy braces for bumpy year

With Singapore's economy under pressure from the fallout of China's contraction and a world market that shows little signs of improvement, the city state...