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Vietnam issues full ban on Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies

While the value of the digital currency Bitcoin is going through the roof – 1 BTC on November 3 hit the $7,462-mark in day...

Financial education is seen by many young people as a boring, dry subject with not much direct impact on their present life. But that’s a...
First Bitcoin ATMs open in Singapore, Hong Kong

Even though the recent bankruptcy filing of Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has shaken the Bitcoin community, there seems to be still enough confidence...
Myanmar phases out dollar surrogate

Myanmar abolished its secondary currency, the Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC), on March 20, 2013 as per an official announcement by the Finance Ministry. FEC were...

Singapore was ranked 5th out of 185 economes in terms of ease in paying taxes, according to the "Paying Taxes 2013" report compiled by...