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UK motorcycle maker Triumph eyes 10% market share in Indonesia

British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is seeking a bigger share of the country’s large motorcycle market following the opening of the company’s local subsidiary, PT...
Indonesian motorcycle maker to expand in ASEAN and to Turkey

PT.TVS Motor Company Indonesia, the Indonesian arm of Indian motorcycle maker TVS Motor Company, is looking at entering Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Turkey in...
Motorbike sales in Vietnam down 10%

A saturated market and general tightening of belts again drove motorbike sales down, forcing leading brands to sell at below cost in 2013, Thanh...
Vietnam seeks to ban motorbikes in big cities

In what could be a Sisyphean challenge, the Vietnam government is now considering to ban motorbikes from big cities in the country. After two...
Motorbike production in the Philippines surges

Motorbike production in the Philippines has increased 28.7 per cent in the January to July period, according to new data released by the ASEAN Automotive...

Vietnam will have to deal with 36 million motorcycles and 3.5 million automobiles by 2020, according to a plan for road traffic development passed...