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Myanmar Central Bank

Myanmar economy loosing steam, reforms urgently needed

Myanmar, until recently perceived as the new tiger cub success story of Southeast Asia after the country's "soft opening" in 2011 under then-president Thein...
Myanmar kyat drops further after election

Hopes that the Myanmar elections would prompt the country's currency to stabilise haven proven false. Although the kyat gradually strengthened for several weeks ahead...
Myanmar kyat plunges to new lows

The general strength of the US dollar and poorly managed currency control by the Myanmar central bank has led to another plunge of the...
Dawei project in limbo – workers fear for jobs

Myanmar is going to invite more international investors to participate in the Dawei Special Economic Zone Project as Italian-Thai Development (ITD) has proved unable...
Myanmar budget deficit seen at 5% for 2013-14

Myanmar's budget deficit for 2013-14 could be as much as five per cent, according to the reports from World Bank's Branch Office in Yangon. Myanmar...
Myanmar In7

To prepare for large foreign direct investment inflows, Myanmar plans to implement an independent monetary policy in the first half of next year. Cash...
Burma Tours Money

Myanmar, the secluded state in Southeast Asia, is showing first signs of easing its tight regulations for foreign investors in a bid to catch...